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Stormwater Detention: Ten proven ways to cheat

“Have you ever felt that justifying your detention design to a reviewing agency was a game of numbers? Do you have ways of making that marginal design look like a winner? Most engineers do,” wrote Glenn E. Brooks in the September 2007 issue of Stormwater magazine.

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VIDEO: "DOE drainage standards will not protect Puget Sound”, according to Tom Holz

According to Tom Holz, “The Department of Ecology apears to be on a path to continue using the same standard for development for the next five to eight years that has been used for the last decade. DOE calls it the ‘flow-duration’ standard. It more accurately should be described as the 0/100/100 standard. That is, DOE will require ‘0%’ forest set-aside, will allow ‘100%’ hardened surfaces, and will allow ‘100%’ runoff of precipitation falling on a site.”

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Climate Change: British Columbia’s Green Communities Amendment Act is a driver for doing business differently

“In December 2010, the CAVI-Comox Valley Regional Team hosted a ‘Developers Dialogue’. This initiated a conversation with the Comox Valley development community about local government policies and strategies to achieve ‘design with nature’ outcomes. The requirements of the Green Communities Act provided the backdrop for the dialogue,” reported Derek Richmond.

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