A Decadal Moment / The Partnership for Water Sustainability Story


November 19th 2020 is a major milestone in the history of the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia. It marks the first decade since incorporation of “the BC water sustainability committee” as “The Partnership”, a not-for-profit society that provides services to government and local communities in support of Living Water Smart, British Columbia’s Water Plan.

Incorporation as an independent legal entity was a transformative decision. It ensures the legacy and sustainability of tools, resources and programs developed under the umbrella of the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbiaand delivered through inter-governmental partnerships.


“As the Executive Director, I am proud to announce release of Celebration of Our Story: Genesis / First Decade / What Next. ‘Our Story’ is structured in two part parts. Part One is a reprint of my Editor’s Context, published last week in Waterbucket eNews. It is high-level. It sketches an outline of many ideas and nuances about the work of The Partnership. Part Two is a deeper dive into our history.

In Part Two, we paint a picture of the multi-decade journey. The strokes are broad-brush. There is so much more to the story, with still more to come in the years ahead. In reading Our Story, the reader will learn that the combination of a guiding philosophy, committed team members and timely actions built the foundation for The Partnership’s record of success,” states Kim Stephens, Waterbucket eNews Editor and Executive Director, Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia.

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Download a copy Celebration of Our Story: Genesis / First Decade / What Next.


What Do You Wonder About “The Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC”?

What Next / The Second Decade

In the Second Decade, a mix of Living Water Smart program initiatives delivered by The Partnership are building blocks for reconnecting people, land and water. These fall under four main program areas:
  • Asset Management for Sustainable Service Delivery: The goal is that local governments would apply EAP, the Ecological Accounting Process, to account for ecological systems and services in asset management strategies.
  • Local Government and Stewardship Sector Collaboration: When citizen talent is aligned with a local government that is visionary and focused, outstanding achievements are not only possible, but realistic.
  • Water Conservation & Resiliency Plans: With many plans in BC being more than 5 years old, a provincial requirement for plan updates provides a reason for local governments to use the new BC Landscape Water Calculator.
  • Interweaving of Western Science and Indigenous Knowledge: First Nations bring the spiritual dimension of water. When we are in tune with that way of reimagining water basics, it opens the door to reconnecting people, land and water (and ecology and hydrology too).
Blue Ecology, the ecological philosophy formulated by BC’s Michael Blackstock and recognized by UNESCO, is a water-first approach. Blue Ecology interweaves the best threads of Indigenous cultural knowledge and Western science into a stronger and more flexible system of knowledge. The Partnership embraces Blue Ecology.