LEADERS BY EXAMPLE IN BRITISH COLUMBIA: In this final Waterbucket News story for 2019, Kim Stephens provides a ‘A Look Ahead’ and foreshadows ‘What to Expect in 2020’

Note to Reader:

The following is a year-end report by Kim Stephens, managing editor of Waterbucket News, and the Executive Director of the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia.

CONVENE FOR ACTION IN BRITISH COLUMBIA: Apply ‘cathedral thinking’ – a far-reaching vision, a well thought-out blueprint, and a shared commitment to inter-generational implementation – to create a lasting legacy

A Look Ahead

This issue brings to a close another year of weekly e-newsletters, published by the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia on Tuesdays from January through June, and from September through November. To refresh your memories, past issues can be readily accessed online by visiting Waterbucket News where our archives date back to 2010.

We resume in mid-January. Looking ahead to next year, our readers can anticipate more stories about champions who are leading change in the local government and stewardship sectors in British Columbia, with a shared goal of improving where we live.  When all the players set their sights on the common good, collaboration is a powerful force.

In 2020, the Partnership will also continue to periodically tap our international network of contacts to connect the dots to developments of relevance to a whole-system, water balance approach that reconnects hydrology and ecology. Mission possible is settlement, ecology and economy in balance.

What to Expect in 2020

Time is of the essence to change our asset management practices for infrastructure and the natural commons so that communities truly achieve a vision for sustainable service delivery. Knowledge, experience and wisdom built-up over time are invaluable in first understanding what needs to be done, and then, how to get it done. No longer do communities have the luxury of time to re-invent the wheel.

In the coming months our readers will be learning about the following and much, much more: Storm Cunningham’s new book on RECONOMICS; the asset management precedent established by the City of Courtenay; the ‘sharing and learning’ innovation that will define the outcomes for the Comox Valley 2020 Symposium; the implementation program for the Ecological Accounting Process (EAP): A BC Strategy for Community Investment in the Natural Commons; and the Water Sustainability Act which provides the regulatory framework for Living Water Smart.

Inform, Educate, Inspire

The over-arching context for Partnership initiatives and programs is provided by Living Water Smart, British Columbia’s Water Plan. Much of the Partnership’s work is done under the umbrella of the Georgia Basin Inter-Regional Education Initiative.

This is a unique mechanism for informing, educating and inspiring those who are in a position to make a difference in the local government setting – whether those individuals are elected representatives, local government staff, members of stewardship groups, or land use and engineering practitioners. IN APRIL 2020, JOIN US AT……