SAVE THE DATE (April 11-12) TO BE INSPIRED – The Hard Work of Hope – Collaboration Success Stories on Vancouver Island

Note to Reader:

On April 11-12, 2018, join us in Nanaimo for a symposium on watershed stewardship, the water balance and restorative development. Adapting to climate change requires transformation in how we value nature and service land. An informed stewardship sector can be a catalyst for action. Learn what stewardship groups are already doing to make a difference!

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Nanaimo Water Symposium: Water Stewardship in a Changing Climate –Collaboration Success Stories

The Hard Work of Hope

Renowned author and speaker Bob Sandford, EPCOR Chair for Water & Climate Security at the United Nations University, will set the tone for the symposium.  At a public lecture on the evening of April 11, his inspirational message will be a call to action.

“What we are essentially talking about is reconciliation: going back to the headwaters of where we got our relationships with water and with one another wrong so that we can start back down the river of time – this time together – with a full understanding of the importance of embracing a water-first approach to planning human interventions in the environment,” states Bob Sandford.

A Compelling Call to Action:

The warming of the planet’s atmosphere is causing water to move more quickly and disruptively through the global water cycle. Local consequences are magnified. To make the right choices moving forward, decision-makers at all levels and scales must understand how and where the rhythms of water are changing. We must collaborate to adapt our land use and infrastructure servicing practices appropriately!

Successful watershed restoration in the built environment depends on all the players – in particular politicians, planners, landowners, designers, implementers and asset managers – embracing, and collaborating to implement, a ‘design with nature’ land ethic.

Local government collaboration with the stewardship sector is pivotal on this journey. Tapping into this resource would harness energy and potential to ‘get it right’ as communities develop and redevelop land. Attend the symposium and learn more on April 11-12, 2018.