Collaboration to Action — Leadership and Investment in Canada's Blue Economy

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The 8th annual Canadian Water Summit is in Toronto on June 22.  This national event will offer expert plenary sessions and panel presentations filled with case studies, real world projects and positive examples.

As Canadians celebrate the country’s 150th anniversary since Confederation, delegates will explore opportunities to collaborate on water technology and infrastructure finance, “blue economy” growth and climate change resilience through progressive policies, smart business and bold investment leadership. For more details visit

The Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia is a contributing sponsor.


8th Annual Canadian Water Summit

Water is an undervalued resource, and so the incentive for large water users to monitor, conserve, recycle, and manage discharge beyond regulation requirements is not always obvious. However, water-related risks due to climate change, social license to operate, competing users, and the desire to meet sustainability objectives have led some companies to completely transform their relationship with water.

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