Countdown to “FLOWnGROW Workshop” on Nov 29 >> CBC’s Bob McDonald headlines an all-star team of presenters


FLOWnGROW! – A workshop on HOW to respect ecosystem and cultural values, ensure food security and build water-resilient communities 

PROGRAM OVERVIEW: Download Flow and Grow


Managing water is critical to many sustainable development goals. Why? Water is a form maker. It defines communities. Also, the consequences of our water-centric decisions ripple through time. Recognizing these factors, FLOWnGROW is designed to spark a conversation and inform implementation of Sustainable Watershed Systems, through Asset Management.

Why Attend

The FLOWnGROW program is both visionary and practical. The workshop will share and explore ideas that have universal value and broad application as we travel the road towards genuine long-term water sustainability. While the workshop has an Okanagan focus, the workshop takeaways would be applicable to other areas of the province.

A ‘bold idea’ that will be showcased on November 29th is BLUE ECOLOGY. Interweaving Western science and First Nations cultural knowledge would help water and land managers communicate complex climate change impacts to decision-makers and the public, using common sense terms.

The Team

The Partnership for Water Sustainability, Irrigation Industry Association (IIABC) and Okanagan Basin Water Board have joined forces to convene the FLOWnGROW Workshop. An all-star team of presenters is headlined by CBC’s Bob McDonald, host of the award-winning radio show Quirks & Quarks. FLOWnGROW has two keynote speakers! The second is Bob Sandford, author and water champion. Our challenge is we have such a wealth of talent and such a limited time to share it !


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