Oct 2016

City of Victoria implements Stormwater Utility + Rainwater Rewards Program

The City of Victoria has shown leadership by looking to the future. With implementation of its Stormwater Utility, the City can ‘make real’ its Caring for the Environment mantra. “In 2001 the City of Victoria began to explore a shift in stormwater management towards a revenue-neutral model, and away from billing proportional to property value,” states Fraser Work. “This idea was put into action in 2011 with endorsement from Council, and a team was assembled to develop the program. Staff and Council saw the new utility as an opportunity to achieve multiple outcomes in parallel. The utility is both an equitable and proportionate billing system. It also builds awareness of how to reduce our environmental and utility impact and find ways to incentivise more sustainable choices for water management.”

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Countdown to “FLOWnGROW Workshop” on Nov 29 >> CBC’s Bob McDonald headlines an all-star team of presenters

FLOWnGROW has two keynote speakers! The second is Bob Sandford, author and water champion. A widely published author, Bob Sandford is EPCOR Chair for Water and Climate Security at the United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health. His background is in the physical sciences and his interest is our relationship with the landscape. “We now realize that our current risk assessments with respect to climate disruption are built on confidence in relative hydrologic stability that no longer exists. This changes everything. We had no idea until recently of how much influence the hydrological cycle has on our day to day lives or on the broader conditions that define the distribution and diversity of life on this planet,” states Bob Sandford.

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The Partnership on Vancouver Island – Leadership in Water Sustainability (Decade #2)

In September 2006, a bold experiment was launched: CAVI-Convening for Action on Vancouver Island: Leadership in Water Sustainability. CAVI is a prototype for a water-centric approach that is guided by intergenerational commitment to action. It will take time and therefore requires perseverance. Simply put, it is a long distance relay race. “The future of Vancouver Island calls for ‘cathedral thinking’ to create an inter-generational vision that is inspirational, pragmatic, and based on a strong foundation,” states Eric Bonham. “The VI2065 initiative envisions a Vancouver Island based on long-term sustainability and water resiliency models that involve innovative partnerships. The results guide us towards effective land and water management practices.”

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REGISTER NOW: Learn why an adequate and affordable water supply is essential for long term food security in the Metro Vancouver region

Agriculture is a large fresh water user and the demand for water will only increase as summers get longer, hotter and drier. With careful planning, the irrigated area in the Lower Mainland could be increased from 29,000 hectares to 69,000 hectares at buildout. The Agriculture Water Forum is designed to bring together agriculture producers, government representatives and water professionals to explore opportunities to improve water management for agriculture in British Columbia’s rapidly growing metropolitan region. “The farming community needs a secure supply of water at a sustainable level of cost, quality and quantity to maintain the viability of actively farmed agriculture land in the Metro Vancouver region,” states Daryl Arnold.

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