“Wetlands, Not Wastelands” — Metro Vancouver workshop connects dots to vision for regional Green Infrastructure Network


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The BC Wildlife Federation’s Wetlands Education Program (WEP) helps build the capacity of British Columbian citizens to determine their backyard wetland assets, and increase their community’s environmental health using this knowledge. In November 2013, WEP organized and the Stanley Park Ecology Society hosted a one-day workshop titled “Wetlands, Not Wastelands”. Workshop outcomes are documented in Synopsis of Wetlands Workshop for Municipalities, released in February 2014.


“Wetlands are the kidneys of the earth. We are challenging local governments to conserve them,” states Neil Fletcher, Chair, Wetland Stewardship Partnership of BC

“Wetlands provide economic, cultural, recreational and ecological ecosystem services.  Despite their high value, wetlands continue to be degraded and lost,” observes Neil Fletcher, Chair, Wetland Stewardship Partnership of BC, and Wetlands Education Neil Fletcher_120pProgram Coordinator for the BC Wildlife Federation.

“To reverse this loss and promote wetland conservation, the BC Wildlife Federation organized a Wetlands Workshop for Municipalities to strengthen the Metro Vancouver region’s capacity to secure wetlands as green infrastructure for the benefit of nature and human health.”

“Through a series of presentations, case studies, discussions, activities, a site visit to a local urban wetland in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, and input from participants representing seven Metro Vancouver municipalities, it became clear that multiple areas of focus – including regulatory tools, staff, public awareness and engaged municipal councils – are needed to achieve wetland conservation.”

“Bringing together participants from a range of jurisdictions and municipalities to share challenges, solutions and opportunities is key to promote wetland conservation in Metro Vancouver. Wetlands are the kidneys of the earth. We are challenging local governments to conserve them,” concludes Neil Fletcher.

Metro Vancouver Green Infrastructure Network

Christine Cooper_120p“Regional relevance of the Wetland Workshop and future outcomes is provided by the vision for a Metro Vancouver Regional Green Infrastructure Network,” adds Christine Cooper, Wetland Intern with the BC Wildlife Federation. Christine prepared the Synopsis of Wetlands Workshop for Municipalities. This resource provides a summary of the guest speaker presentations, links to resources, a synopsis of the participant surveys, and a record of the dialogue.

“This has been identified as one of four areas of opportunity in the region’s Ecological Health Action Plan. It is important to manage the lands in the Green Infrastructure Network to ensure that they continue to provide ecosystem services that we depend upon”

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To read the complete story posted on the waterbucket.ca website about the workshop outcomes, click on From Watersheds to Ditches: Wetlands Workshop for Municipalities Investigates Wetland Conservation in Metro Vancouver.




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