Mar 2014

“Wetlands, Not Wastelands” — Metro Vancouver workshop connects dots to vision for regional Green Infrastructure Network

“Wetlands provide economic, cultural, recreational and ecological ecosystem services. Despite their high value, wetlands continue to be degraded and lost. To reverse this loss and promote wetland conservation, the BC Wildlife Federation organized a Wetlands Workshop for Municipalities to strengthen the Metro Vancouver region’s capacity to secure wetlands as green infrastructure for the benefit of nature and human health,” states Neil Fletcher.

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“Water Sustainability Act for British Columbia” — New legislation sets stage for considering water in land use decisions

“Over the past four years government has engaged widely with British Columbians. We have used this input to create legislation that provides greater certainty for water users, improves environmental protection, and better responds to local and regional needs. The Water Sustainability Act recognizes that groundwater and surface water are interconnected and addresses the need to manage them together,” stated Mary Polak.

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