Webinar on “Green Infrastructure & Community Design: Rainwater Management”

“Effective rainwater management requires a focus on the harmonization of man and nature AND the skill sets of a spectrum of professionals and citizens. Too often, the reverse is true. A key goal of the Rainwater-in-Context Initiative is to help get the United States on the correct path for sustainable rainwater management practices,” states Paul Crabtree.

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Webinar on “Voodoo Hydrology” – February 21st

“Urban hydrology, as commonly practiced, is an inexact science at best. If we were omniscient, we could do an exact job of urban hydrology. Instead, we rely on engineering judgment and guesswork, ultimately striking a compromise between accuracy and data availability, and resulting in an answer that is close to correct,” states Andy Reese.

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Are Rain Gardens Mini Toxic Cleanup Sites?

“Rain gardens and similar environmentally friendly stormwater infrastructure are being embraced worldwide because they do their job so well. The worry is that these same, very efficient rain gardens that are cropping up in our parking strips and front yards are doing their job so well that they could become residential toxic sites. But in fact are they? Not according to the research that’s available,” writes Lisa Stiffler.

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Bowker Creek Blueprint provides springboard to “Integrated Sustainable Planning for Infrastructure and Public Works”

“An innovative, sustainable adventure has begun in the communities of Saanich, Victoria and Oak Bay in the core of the Capital Region on Southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. “With a clear vision and Blueprint in place, municipalities and communities are able to incorporate efforts into operational work plans, volunteer and school group efforts and to work together with the development community to restore Bowker Creek and its watershed,” writes Colin Doyle.

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Partnership for Water Sustainability recognizes four champions of “convening for action” in British Columbia

“Over the past decade, many individuals have played pivotal roles either in the genesis or in the evolution of the ‘convening for action’ initiative. To honour these individuals, and their substantial contributions, the Partnership has created the Lifetime Members category. The first four individuals to be so recognized are Paul Ham, John Finnie, Erik Karlsen and Dale Wall,” announces Tim Pringle, Partnership President.

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