Oct 2013

ON OCTOBER 30th: "Mission Possible Update” at the 7th Annual Vancouver Island Economic Summit

“At the Summit, we will announce the launch of ‘Vancouver Island 2065’. Through collaboration, this project will engage local and regional governments with the private and academic sectors, to address long term sustainability issues on Vancouver Island, including such challenges as economic security, water sustainability, agriculture, food and energy security and, through local planning processes, adaptation to climate change,” foreshadows Eric Bonham.

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Workshop on Asset Management in British Columbia: What Do You Wonder?

“Learn about leading-edge Council stewardship of municipal assets! Our upcoming Strategic Directions workshop will inform and educate about international best practices that support asset management planning. It will also provide practical guidance for long-term financial planning and then communicating the message to those who pay, namely: our taxpayers,” states Wally Wells.

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