“Sustainable Rainwater Management”, a seminar featuring North Vancouver District and City of Coquitlam experience


On September 19th, learn from those leading by example to implement a ‘watershed-based approach to community planning’ in the Metro Vancouver region


SEMINAR CONTEXT: A decade ago, looking at rainfall differently led the Province of British Columbia to adopt the Water Balance Methodology, initiate a performance target approach to capturing rain where it falls, and initiate changes in the ways rainwater runoff is returned to streams. In the Metro Vancouver region, municipalities are required to implement watershed-based plans that inform community planning and protect watershed and stream health                      

Is your municipality struggling to get started with a watershed-based approach to community planning?

Are you experiencing challenges and issues with creation and implementation of rainwater management policies?

Do you wonder what “sustainable rainwater management in a watershed context” looks like on the ground?

Do you wonder about the science behind the regulatory requirements for protecting watershed and stream health?

Do you wonder how to achieve “net environmental benefits” by mimicking the natural Water Balance?

Then register for the seminar on Sustainable Rainwater Management: Mimic the Water Balance to Protect Watershed and Stream Health.

Richard Boase and Melony Burton will share challenges, setbacks, successes and lessons learned over the past decade by the District of North Vancouver and City of Coquitlam, respectively. 

The Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC has partnered with the Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of BC (APEGBC) to offer a seminar that integrates regulatory, historical, local government, science and technology perspectives.  



For details of the seminar curriculum, go to the seminar homepage on waterbucket.ca by clicking on Sustainable Rainwater Management: Mimic the Water Balance to Protect Watershed and Stream Health!

For cost and registration information, go to the APEGBC website by clicking on http://www.apeg.bc.ca/prodev/events/rainwater_management_sept2013.html

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