“Get Your Mind Into the Gutter: A Workshop on Rainwater Harvesting in British Columbia”



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“The workshop will be a full day of presentations and town-hall sharing on regulatory requirements, water balance benefits and practical applications of rainwater harvesting design and operation,” states Mike Tanner, Partnership Director and Workshop Chair. “In conjunction with the workshop, we will also be holding a mini-tradeshow. This will provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to showcase their rainwater harvesting products.”

“In areas where the soil conditions have a limited ability to store surface and groundwater, harvesting the rain just makes sense. By harvesting and storing rain where it falls, we can reduce the volume of water drawn from streams and aquifers, thereby helping to sustain a critical base flow in streams, thus protecting fish and aquatic life.

“Rainwater harvesting can also complement existing municipal infrastructure. Widespread adoption of rainwater harvesting systems could potentially delay, and perhaps even reduce, long-term investments in expanding or adding water infrastructure,” concludes Mike Tanner.


TO LEARN MORE and register:

To download a copy of the Program Overview, click on Get Your Mind Into the Gutter: A Workshop on Rainwater Harvesting in British Columbia.

To register for the workshop, go to the IIABC website: https://www.irrigationbc.com/irrigation/courses/view_scheduled/119


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