Jun 2013

SEMINAR ANNOUNCEMENT: What Do You Wonder About “Sustainable Rainwater Management in British Columbia”?

“The seminar is an opportunity to share lessons learned by the City of Coquitlam over the past decade. Changing the way we do things means taking on new challenges and not always getting it right the first time. Securing political support for a watershed-based approach to community planning paved the way for development and implementation of rainwater management applications that mimic the Water Balance. Over time, our Integrated Watershed Management Plans will be guided by a Monitoring and Adaptive Management Framework which will allow us to evaluate which strategies are yielding the most positive results and which need modification,” states Melony Burton.

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A Watershed Blueprint for Hastings Creek: Creating the Future in the District of North Vancouver

“Richard Boase and I started to collaborate on projects over a decade ago,” recalls Ariel Estrada. “It all started with a simple culvert replacement project. We concluded that my technical engineering responsibilities and Richard’s role in environmental protection needed to complement each other. We immediately started to learn from each other. We gained an appreciation for each other’s challenges and have walked in each other’s shoes ever since.”

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