Dawson Creek and its Quest for Sustainable and Integrated Water Stewardship in Northeast British Columbia


Reg Whiten – Watershed Steward with the City of Dawson Creek



City establishes provincial precedent by formalizing the role of a Watershed Steward

With passage of the British Columbia Drinking Water Protection Act in 2001, drinking water purveyors across the province have been subject to a requirement for a Water System Assessment leading to a Source Water Protection Plan (SWPP). 

“Through creation of a formal and ongoing Watershed Steward position and program in 2008, the City of Dawson Creek has given considerable impetus to SWPP implementation,” reports Reg Whiten. He is the City’s Watershed Steward and is overseeing development and implementation of the City’s Water Stewardship Program. Dawson Creek is situated in the northeast region of BC.

“Through effective engagement of watershed stakeholders, the City anticipates that it will soon be well-positioned to develop a model of watershed governance – one that is tied to an effective hydrological monitoring system for improved decision-making for both water and land-use management.”

“Our experience may be of value to other communities – both urban, rural and First Nations – around the province that have yet to prepare an SWPP, and may also have water sources with varied and expanding land-use and resource development features.”


To Learn More:

To read the complete story about the City’s Water Stewardship Program, click on Dawson Creek and its Quest for Sustainable and Integrated Water Stewardship. This year the City was nominated for the first-ever Council of the Federation Award for Excellence in Water Stewardship for BC.


City of Dawson Creek – domestic water intake bear the community of Arras


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