Metro Vancouver region is a ‘Champion Supporter’ of the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia


Metro Vancouver Utilties Committee. Chaired by Mayor Darrell Mussatto (City of North Vancouver)


Champion Supporter designation recognizes both historical and ongoing contributions

The Champion Supporter designation recognizes government and non-government organizations that are playing a leadership role in the ‘Convening for Action in British Columbia’ initiative.

“Ongoing financial and in-kind support by local governments such as Metro Vancouver enhances the program delivery capabilities of the Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC. Also, the needs of the region’s member municipalities are driving the evolution of scenario comparison and communication tools such as the Water Balance Model and website, respectively,” states Tim Pringle, Partnership President.

“In view of this legacy, the Partnership is pleased to recognize Metro Vancouver as a Champion Supporter. The commitment by the Metro Vancouver Board, senior management and staff has been tangible, consistent and long-term. Their support continues to help the Partnership advance a vision for designing with nature and implementing green infrastructure. In this way, communities can restore and protect the Water Balance.”

“A decade ago, Metro Vancouver was a founding partner in both the Water Balance Model and initiatives. Over the years, Metro Vancouver has hosted meetings, working sessions and forums organized by the Partnership. More recently, a $50,000 grant from Metro Vancouver Board towards the Water Balance Model Express for Landowners leveraged almost $250,000 in co-funding.”

“In 2013, high-level political support for inter-regional collaboration bodes well. By participating in the Georgia Basin Inter-Regional Education Initiative, local governments in Metro Vancouver and on Vancouver Island can leverage more with the same resources. Collaboration will help everyone go farther, more efficiently and effectively, to achieve water sustainability.”


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