Webinar on “Maintaining SuperNatural BC for Our Children”


Note to Reader:

Hosted by the POLIS Project on Ecological Governance, the webinar on March 26 will will explore solutions to water-specific issues that have been proposed by environmental law experts. To learn more and register, click on Creating a Blue Dialogue Webinar Series.



“The challenge we face is clear: our rich natural heritage may be lost if we fail to assess and manage cumulative effects”

“Inadequate laws on urban sprawl threaten the SuperNatural BC that attracted us here in the first place. The stakes are high.  Yet current laws have failed to keep pace with British Columbia’s booming resource industries and population growth – our laws are actually weaker than they were a few years ago,” reports Calvin Sandborn, Legal Director for the Environmental Law Centre at the University of Victoria; and editor of the new book Maintaining SuperNatural BC for Our Children: Selected Law Reform Proposals.

“This book is put forward as an educational service to inform the public, government and decision makers about solutions that have been proposed by environmental law experts. Their recommendations are presented here for public education, debate and consideration – and to trigger law reform ideas from others.”

“Ultimately, we hope that this book will enrich the discussion about how laws can be changed to better maintain SuperNatural British Columbia for our children,” concludes Calvin Sandborn.



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