Mar 2013

Webinar on “Maintaining SuperNatural BC for Our Children”

“This book is put forward as an educational service to inform the public, government and decision makers about solutions that have been proposed by environmental law experts. Their recommendations are presented here for public education, debate and consideration – and to trigger law reform ideas from others. Ultimately, we hope that this book will enrich the discussion about how laws can be changed to better maintain SuperNatural British Columbia for our children,” concludes Calvin Sandborn.

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Maintaining SuperNatural BC for Our Children: Selected Law Reform Proposals

“BC environmental laws are in urgent need of reform. The stakes are high. Yet current laws have not only failed to keep pace with our booming resource industries and population growth — our laws are actually weaker than they were a few years ago. The articles in this book aim to remedy this by recommending specific changes to BC environmental laws. ,This book is a series of 35 short, readable articles – punctuated by photos and cartoons – that describe key environmental law reforms that the authors believe the next provincial government should consider” states Calvin Sandborn.

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Climate Change Adaptation in BC: Helping Local Governments and Stakeholders Stay Afloat as the Tide Rises

“Climate change will radically affect the ecosystems we rely on, and knows no political boundaries, requiring local governments to think collaboratively about shared watersheds and coastlines, and stretching already overloaded human and financial resources. Climate change impacts require us to think about connections between physical hazards, economic resilience, health risks, environmental goods and services, food security and freshwater challenges on a local, regional, national and global scale,” states Deborah Harford.

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