Webinar on “Green Infrastructure & Community Design: Rainwater Management”



Paul Crabtree on ‘Harmonization of Man and Nature’

“Is your rainwater management design effective?,” asks Colorado-based civil engineer Paul Crabtree. His career focus is on the integration of intelligent urban infrastructure with New Urbanism and Smart Growth Planning. Among his many accomplishments, Paul Crabtree is the leader of the Rainwater in Context Initiative in the United States.

“Effective rainwater management requires a focus on the harmonization of man and nature AND the skill sets of a spectrum of professionals and citizens. Too often, the reverse is true. The result – ineffective rainwater management plans, increased maintenance costs, and ultimately, redesign.”

“A key goal of the Rainwater-in-Context Initiative is to help get the United States on the correct path for sustainable rainwater management practices. Rainwater-in-Context unites New Urbanism, rainwater and watershed management, Smart Growth, water reuse, low impact, light imprint, and other sustainable practices toward a holistic approach to rainwater. Combining green infrastructure with good urban planning can result in extraordinary solutions,” concludes Paul Crabtree.



On February 7th, Paul Crabtree delivered a live webinar on the practical aspects of implementing “Green Infrastructure & Community Design: Rainwater Management” through Forester University. For an overview of the learning outcomes, click on Paul Crabtree on ‘Harmonization of Man and Nature’.

The webinar is available for viewing, and is eligible for Continuing Education Credits.  Click on the following link for further information: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/252591862

And to learn about the Rainwater-in-Context Initiative, click on www.cnu.org/rainwater


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