Partnership for Water Sustainability aligns efforts with Ministry of Environment to help deliver "Living Water Smart"




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The Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia is helping the Province implement the Living Water Smart and Green Communities initiatives in the local government setting. Launched in 2008, these initiatives comprise plans, strategies, targets, actions and tools to reduce the ‘water footprint’ of BC communities. The Partnership is incorporated as a not-for-profit society.


The Mission: Demonstrate How to Integrate Regulatory Compliance and Collaboration

“The Ministry recognizes and appreciates that, commencing with release of the Water Sustainability Action Plan for BC in 2004, the Partnership is doing what government views as important work,” states Cairine MacDonald, Deputy Minister, BC Ministry of Environment.

¨The Ministry values what the Partnership has accomplished since 2007 under the umbrella of CAVI-Convening for Action on Vancouver Island. In particular, the Ministry celebrates the Partnership’s latest success in bringing together four regional districts through an Inter-Regional Education Initiative. Inter-regional collaboration is the pathway to a consistent approach to water sustainability and green infrastructure policies and practices up and down the east coast of Vancouver Island.”

“The Ministry looks forward to aligning efforts with the Partnership in three regions — Vancouver Island, Lower Mainland and the Okanagan — to further advance implementation of the “Beyond the Guidebook” initiative; and provide communities with the tools and knowledge to protect and/or restore watershed health. The Ministry’s renewed emphasis on the rainwater management component of Liquid Waste Management Plans has created an opportunity to demonstrate how to integrate regulatory compliance and collaboration.”


About Living Water Smart

Released in June 2008, Living Water Smart presents government’s vision for sustainable land and water stewardship. The 45 actions and targets in Living Water Smart establish expectations vis-à-vis how land will be developed (or redeveloped) and water will be used. The Green Communities Initiative complements Living Water Smart, and provides enabling tools for local government.


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