waterbucket.ca website tells the story of “Convening for Action in British Columbia”




“waterbucket.ca is renewed and improved,” announces Mike Tanner, Waterbucket Chair

The Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia is helping the Province implement the Living Water Smart and Green Communities initiatives in the local government setting. Launched in 2008, these initiatives comprise plans, strategies, targets, actions and tools to reduce the ‘WATER FOOTPRINT’ of communities. The tool for sharing the stories of those leading change is the waterbucket.ca website.

The Partnership has rebuilt the highly successful waterbucket.ca website. Why? To offer our visitors a better way to utilize our site and take advantage of the tools and information,” reports Mike Tanner, Waterbucket Chair.

“In conjunction with the rebuild, the Partnership is excited to announce the launch of our newest community-of-interest on waterbucket.ca, namely: Vancouver Island Water. This tells the story of the CAVI-Convening for Action on Vancouver Island demonstration initiative, from its inception in 2006. A quick glance at the menu reveals just how much has been accomplished over the years. Also, check out the companion Convening for Action in British Columbia, home to the Water Sustainability Action Plan. The site is transformed. Stories about initiatives are presented by region to make access to information easier.”

“The Partnership vision is that water sustainability, and hence adaptation to a changing climate, will be achieved through implementation of green infrastructure policies and practices. Our mission is to help facilitate that change. To that end, we are benefitting from the hands-on involvement of a pool of experienced practitioners who volunteer and contribute their knowledge.”

To Learn More about the “convening for action” initiative and the delivery role of the Partnership, click on Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia announces re-launch of waterbucket.ca website”.


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