Sep 2012

GUIDANCE DOCUMENT ANNOUNCEMENT: ‘Develop with Care’ is Revitalised!

“We have found Develop with Care to be of immense help in supporting the sustainability goals and objectives of our Official Community Plan. It has become standard practice to include provisions which encourage developers to implement applicable guidelines and recommendations in all our Environmental Development Permits,” states Alan Haldenby.

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Economy and Ecology – A Necessary Partnership for Water Sustainability

“The knack is to demonstrate that the road to both short and long term economic security is through COLLABORATION. We have to demonstrate that ‘business as usual’ will eventually result in economic loss both short and long term. Then hearts and minds will be receptive to a vision for settlement, economy and ecology in balance. This is why I am so impressed by the collaboration that is gathering momentum on Vancouver Island,” states Eva Kras.

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Partnership for Water Sustainability aligns efforts with Ministry of Environment to help deliver "Living Water Smart"

“The Ministry looks forward to aligning efforts with the Partnership to further advance implementation of the “Beyond the Guidebook” initiative. The Ministry’s renewed emphasis on the rainwater management component of Liquid Waste Management Plans has created an opportunity to demonstrate how to integrate regulatory compliance and collaboration,” states Cairine MacDonald.

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