British Columbia's Capital Regional District hosts course on “Developing Effective Watershed Blueprints and ISMPs”



Everyone is Challenged to Achieve More with the Same Resources

Vancouver Island is a hot-bed of watershed-based strategies and programs. Now, four regional districts and municipal members are aligning their efforts to advance the Vancouver Island Inter-Regional Education Initiative. The program will help everyone go farther, more efficiently and effectively.

On June 19-20, the Capital Regional District concludes the first round of inter-regional “sharing and learning” events. The CRD is hosting a 2-day course on how to develop outcome-oriented Watershed Blueprints and incorporate innovation and efficiency into Integrated Stormwater Management Plans (ISMPs). The course informs and supports the goals of the region’s IntegratedWatershed Management Implementation Strategy.

“Local governments have many competing priorities and everyone is challenged to achieve more with the same resources in order to reduce risk, improve watershed health and comply with regulatory requirements,” states the CRD’s Dale Green. He is Supervisor of the Stormwater, Harbours and Watershed Program.

“Moving to a watershed-focused program will allow the CRD to support the municipalities and electoral areas with new strategies for environmental protection, including an increased focus on dealing with watershed stressors near the source rather than at the infrastructure or receiving environment level.”

“Additionally, the strategy will support efforts in watersheds that cross municipal boundaries and provide guidance towards measuring watershed and receiving environment health to better assess program efforts.”

“The 2-day course has been developed by local government for local government. It will guide land use, infrastructure and environmental professionals through the stages and steps in developing a balanced, truly integrated and financially sustainable plan that protects and/or restores watershed function over time,” concludes Dale Green.



For a CURRICULUM PREVIEW, click on Integratingthe Site with the Watershed and Stream: Capital Regional District hosts “AnIntroductory Course on Developing Effective Watershed Blueprints”.

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May 29, 2012

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