The Fused Grid: A Balanced Approach to Development



The Real Future: Fusing the Best of the Past

The Fused Grid combines the geometries of inner city grids and conventional suburbs: the conventional loop and cul-de-sac pattern of the modern suburb and the grid pattern from the early 1900s. This fusion retains the best characteristics of each and raises the quality of the neighbourhood environment. 

The fused grid is inspired by a theme — the common space — from an 18th-century plan of Savannah, Georgia. “The city plan is organized in repeatable wards, with a square in the centre, which is visible to half of the homes in each ward”, explains Fanis Grammenos, the Canadian researcher who developed the Fused Grid. “The square is protected from heavy traffic since through streets are located at the boundaries of the ward, leaving the centre relatively calm for casual strollers.” 


TO LEARN MORE about the Fused Grid, click here to access the website created by Fanis Grammenos.  

For those who have wondered whether, traffic problems, noise, foul air and risk of injury can be reduced or eliminated in neighbourhoods, the Fused Grid website will give solutions to think about.

For those who have pondered whether neighbourhoods can regain their tranquility, can be places for pedestrians to move freely, for neighbours to socialize and for kids to play, the site offers ways to achieve these goals. 


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