Going Green to Save Green: Economic Benefits of Green Infrastructure Practices




 Banking on Green

“Whether it arrived years ago and called itself low-impact development or appeared more recently under the name green infrastructure, chances are that, almost anywhere you are in the US, you’ve encountered it,” comments Janice Kaspersen, Editor of Stormwater Magazine in an editorial published online

“More and more cities are adding green infrastructure to their arsenals as a way to supplement the traditional grey infrastructure of gutters and pipes and storm sewers—infiltrating, reusing, or otherwise diverting runoff to extend the capacity of the existing systems and delay or avoid upgrading and replacing them.” 

“A newly released report helps quantify the money many of these cities are saving, and points out other benefits of GI as well.”



American Rivers’ series of new reports highlights the economic benefits of green infrastructure strategies to better manage polluted runoff. These practices, from rain gardens to green roofs, work by capturing rainwater where it falls. By reducing the polluted runoff that flows into rivers and streams, green infrastructure practices play a critical role in protecting clean rivers.To download a copy of the report, click here.


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