Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation in Vancouver and at the University of British Columbia – September 2006

Greening Local Roadways
The CIty of Vancouver and the University of British Columbi co-hosted the third event in the 2006 Showcasing Green Infratstructure Innovation in Metro Vancouver Series. The unifying theme was “Greening Local Roadways – Integration of Rainwater Management & Transportation Design”.  Four projects were featured:
  • Crown Street & Country Lanes: Exceeding Expectations – Crown Street, Vancouver’s first environmentally sustainable roadway, reflects a ‘design with nature’ approach to integrating rainwater runoff management and transportation design to achieve multiple objectives on a suburban street. 
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car: Power to Spare! – The Vancouver Fuel Cell Vehicle Program (VFCVP) demonstrates the use of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies as an alternative to gasoline. The purpose of the program is test the technology in real-world conditions and to show how greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced. This is a 3-year project.
  • Sustainability Street Project at UBC: Beyond the Moment – Breaking new ground  at UBC, the initial phase  focuses on revolutionary closed-loop systems – the world’s first systems integrating  rainwater runoff,  wastewater treatment and ground source heating, and a small-scale biodiesel production unit which will transform waste cooking oil into a clean-burning fuel. 
To read the complete story about the program content for Showcasing Innovation in the City of Vancouver and at UBC, click on Third in 2006 series under the umbrella of the Celebrating Green Infrastructure Program.

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