Living Water Smart & Building Greener Communities

Implementing a ‘regional team approach’ in British Columbia
A regional team approach is founded on partnerships and collaboration; and seeks to align actions at three scales – provincial, regional and local. The key word is alignment: this is what we want to collectively achieve, and this is how we will work together to get there. The essence of the regional team approach is that all the players will set their sights on the common good and challenge the old barriers of jurisdictional interests.
“We are using the slogan The New Business As Usual to convey the message that, for change to really occur, practices that until now have been viewed as the exception must become the norm moving forward. We have to build regulatory models and develop models of practice and expertise to support The New Business As Usual,” stated Dale Wall, former Deputy Minister (Community & Rural Development), at the Gaining Ground Summit in May 2008. The Summit was held in Victoria. 

To download an article about the Ten Goals that provide the framework for creating liveable communities, reducing wasteful water use, and protecting stream health…click on Living Water Smart & Building Greener Communities: Implementing a ‘regional team approach’ in British Columbia.

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