Regional District of Nanaimo reaffirms its support for "Convening for Action on Vancouver Island"

Leadership in Water Sustainability
When the Board of the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) met in March 2010, it reaffirmed its continued support for the Convening for Action on Vancouver Island program. The RDN was an early supporter of the CAVI vision, and in August  2007 entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the CAVI Partnership to facilitate program delivery.
“Our actions show that the Board members believe in sustainability,” RDN Chair Joe Stanhope stated in September 2007 when the RDN hosted the first event in the Vancouver Island Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation Series.
“Through the Urban Containment Boundary, we have avoided urban sprawl and we are doing our best to do what is right; and that is why the RDN Board is both supporting and partnering with CAVI. As a Board, we believe it is our job to protect the quality of life values that attract people to Vancouver Island.”
RDN Leadership Role: At the March 2010 meeting, CAVI Chair John Finnie (General Manager, RDN Regional and Community Utlilities) provided the Board with a summary of what had been accomplished in 2009, in particular the Vancouver Island Learning Lunch Seminar Series
The Board passed a motion supporting RDN staff participation in CAVI and attendance at CAVI learning activities associated with promoting water sustainability.
“CAVI initiatives support water sustainability and complement the RDN’s strategic goals, particularly those related to collaboration, working relationships, sustainability and the goals and objectives of the RDN Drinking Water Protection program,” stated John Finnie in his report.
“CAVI activities are of interest to staff involved in development reviews and approval, development and infrastructure construction, provision of utility services and drinking water and watershed issues.”
TO LEARN MORE: To download a copy of John Finnie’s report to the RDN Board, click on Convening for Action on Vancouver Island – 2009 Activities.

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