4th Announcement: Peer-Based Learning Will Help Local Governments Implement ‘Watershed Blueprints’ in BC

­­­­­­ Integrate the Site, Watershed and Stream
The City of Surrey is the host for the first 2-day course on HOW to develop a Watershed Blueprint. An inter-governmental team is providing peer-based learning. Until October 14, the early bird registration fee is $200 / $250. After October 14, the fee increases to $245 / $295.
Titled ISMP Course Correction: Achieve More with Less, the 2-day course will showcase the tools and case study experience behind the paradigm-shift from “a report in four volumes” to a “blueprint to a new watershed”.
An ISMP, or Integrated Stormwater Management Plan, is a potentially powerful tool. It can influence other municipal processes for the better. It can generate the blueprint for truly integrated and coordinated action at a watershed scale.
CREATE A WATERSHED BLUEPRINT: “Local governments have many competing priorities. Everyone is challenged to do more with less, and get it done. The course will demonstrate the benefits of collaboration, alignment and integration: Establish the vision, set the target, and then implement,” states Kim Stephens, Executive Director witht the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia.

“The linkage to infrastructure asset management is a way to (re)focus ISMPs on outcomes: Create a vision of a future watershed complete with intact ecological values, healthy streams, abundant fishery resources, and a functional infrastructure.”

“Participants will learn how they can draw on in-house resources, adapt the City of Surrey’s ISMP framework, apply the Bowker Creek approach (in the Capital Region) to watershed team-building, and embed the vision for a Watershed Landscape Restoration Strategy in land use planning processes.”
TO LEARN MORE: To access the ISMP Course Correction ‘homepage’ on the Water Bucket website and learn more about the program design, click here.  
News Release #2011-46
October 6, 2011

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