The Natural City Vision: Three Lenses to Shape the Future of Urban Communities in British Columbia

Creating Our Future: A Call to Action
Created by Vic Derman, the Natural City is a transformational document for local government. Well-versed in a water-centric way-of-thinking, he is a visionary elected representative from Vancouver Island. A retired educator, Vic Derman was one of the founders of The Land Conservancy of British Columbia, and has been on District of Saanich Council since 2002.
In the Natural City, Vic Derman introduces three lenses to shape the future of a region, namely: Regional Growth Strategy; Climate Change: Quality of Life and Place.  He calls the project The Natural City to reflect the dramatic shift in direction it demands. 
“Collectively, the three lenses bring our future into focus,” writes Vic Derman. “The picture they define is one of environmental, social and economic sustainability. It portrays a new approach that cannot be accomplished with tinkering and incremental change. Instead, bold and visionary action will be needed.” 

He lays out a layered design process that demonstrates how conventional approaches to urban design could be modified to meet the goals of the Natural City.

To Learn More: To download a copy of the Natural CIty document, and to access a series of YouTube videos of Vic Derman describing his vision, click on Creating Our Future: The Natural City Vision.

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