Asset Management BC and Local Government Management Association Co-Host Workshop on "Leadership and Communication: Getting Out the Message"

October 18 Workshop in Kelowna Sets Stage for Sustainable Service Delivery in BC
How do we convey to our politicians and our paying public the state of our infrastructure and the rationale for the money to maintain and replace it especially when we know we just do not have enough money?  Asset Management BC and the LGMA in their Fall workshop in Kelowna, Tuesday October 18 at the Coast Capri hotel is addressing this specific issue, reports Wally Wells, Asset Management BC Coordinator.  

“The workshop is focused on merging the technical and financial aspects of asset management into manageable plans and programs. Once we have that, we have the task of successfully communicating the message to our councils/boards and our users/payers,” explains Wally Wellls.

“Current initiatives through Asset Management BC in working with both Alberta and Saskatchewan municipalities to pilot the Australian developed NAMS asset management process in Canada will be presented as case studies by communities in both provinces.”

“Chief Administrative Officers Alberto De Feo of the District of Lake Country and Kim Gartner of the Town of Macklin, Saskatchewan will tell you their stories and how they are achieving success. David Love of the Town of Golden will present their recent experience on using the Australian NAMS system for asset management.”

“Want to know where Infrastructure Canada is heading under a majority government? Hear from Claude Blanchette Director General, Program Operations. Also hear from Glen Brown, Executive Director of the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development on why asset management matters.”
“A special feature of the workshop is a lesson in learning to communicate by Therese Mickelson, Editor of the LGMA magazine. Chris Champion, CEO of the Insititute of Public Works Engineering of Australia (IPWEA), returns to share their experiences and best practices.”
“If you are a politician, CAO, finance manager or technical manager in operations and engineering, there is something of interest for you,” concludes Wally Wells.

To Learn More: For program and registration details, click here to access the Asset Management BC website. To learn more about the Province’s vision for Sustainable Service Delivery, click here.
News Release #2011-34
August 24, 2011

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