Efforts of Byrne Creek Streamkeepers Make a Difference in the City of Burnaby

Streamkeepeers Provide Community Value
“Thousands of dedicated streamkeepers across British Columbia put in tens of thousands of volunteer hours every year caring for local creeks, rivers and watersheds. They educate the public, collect data ranging from salmon spawner returns to bug counts to species inventories, lead efforts to combat invasive plants in their neighbourhoods, and rehabilitate and restore habitat,” states Paul Cipywnyk, speaking on behalf of the Byrne Creek Streamkeepers Society.
“Streamkeepers work closely with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, provincial agencies, and municipalities. Streamkeepers ensure that there are always “eyes on the creek,” and that municipal, regional and provincial development plans receive healthy scrutiny. While tragedies such as fish kills from pollutants entering waterways result in short-term publicity, most streamkeeping work is done quietly on shoestring budgets.”
To Learn More: To read the complete story posted on the Water Bucket website, click here.

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