Philadelphia Gains Approval of Landmark Green Infrastructure Plan, a Model for Smart Water Practices Nationwide

Green City, Blue Waters
“Philadelphia is known nationwide for its cheese steaks and the Liberty Bell – but it’s now one step closer to adding “greenest city in America” to that list,” writes Larry Levine in a column published on the Natural Resources Defense Council Staff Blog.

On June 1, the city secured its place as a national leader when the Philadelphia Water Department and state environmental officials signed an ambitious agreement to officially launch Green City, Blue Waters. The agreement commits the city to deploy, over the next 25 years, the most comprehensive network of green infrastructure found in any U.S. city. 

“Philadelphia is about to get, quite literally, a lot greener – and, as a result, its water a lot cleaner,” observes Larry Levine, a senior water attorney in NRDC’s water program. He focuses on promoting the use of “green infrastructure” as a sustainable solution to polluted urban runoff and raw sewage overflows.

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Philadelphia has produced a video that explains how this green vision will be accomplished over time. Click on Green City, Blue Waters from the GreenTreks Network. And click here to access the homepage for the Philadelphia Water Department’s Office of Watersheds.

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