2011 Comox Valley Seminar Series is Springboard to Vancouver Island Economic Summit in October

Imagine…Vancouver Island….One community!

At the 2011 State of the Island Economic Summit, Convening for Action on Vancouver Island – CAVI  and the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance (VIEA) are holding a pre-Summit session that is being described as a “Forum within the Summit”.
The Forum program will be built around the “infrastructure liability” theme, and will showcase the Comox Valley experience in striving for Sustainable Service Delivery. The Comox Valley regional team approach is relevant to all local governments, and is replicable. The Comox Valley approach is built around an annual seminar series. These provide a neutral forum for sharing, exploring and learning in a way that no other forum currently provides.

“CAVI participation at the 2010 VIEA Summit was both timely and rewarding in that a promising partnership was formed with VIEA. This partnership provides an opportunity to develop an integrated approach to sustainability on Vancouver Island based upon a balanced understanding of the relationship between the economy and the environment,” reports Eric Bonham, a founding member of the CAVI Leadership Team. 
In November 2010, the VIEA Board adopted a 3-Year Plan which identified collaboration with CAVI as a high priority for 2011. This collaboration is now manifesting itself through the work of VIEA’s Sustainability Committee which includes CAVI representatives.
To Learn More: Click on 2011Comox Valley Seminar Series is a Springboard to Vancouver Island EconomicSummit to download a report-style PDF document version of the complete story posted on the Water Bucket website.

For information about the Summit, click here.

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