2011 Comox Valley Seminar Series is Springboard to Vancouver Island Economic Summit in October

Comox Valley Local Governments Showcase “A Regional Response to Infrastructure Liability”
Through a professional development program, the four Comox Valley local governments are aligning efforts, building leadership capacity, and striving for a consistent regional approach to Sustainable Service Delivery. The program is built around an annual seminar series.
“In 2011, our focus is on the unfunded ‘infrastructure liability’ confronting all local governments. One of the foundation pieces underpinning the series is expressed this way: All those involved in land development have a role to play in achieving Sustainable Service Delivery. The players include land use and infrastructure professionals,” states Glenn Westendorp, Public Works Superintendent with the Town of Comox. He is Chair of the 2011 Seminar Series.
“We have moved beyond continuing education solely for the purpose of professional development. The 2011 Series is aligned with the recently adopted Regional Growth Strategy and Regional Sustainability Strategy. We are exploring what implementation of regional policy means on the ground. We are working towards a Joint Report on A Regional Response to Infrastructure Liability.”
A FORUM WITHIN THE SUMMIT: The Comox Valley accomplishment will be showcased at the 2011 State of the Island Economic Summit in October. This flagship event of the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance (VIEA) creates an opportunity to share the Comox Valley experience Island-wide.
“By showcasing the Comox Valley outcomes at the Summit, we hope to inform and educate elected folks and others on Vancouver Island about the ‘infrastructure liability’ and the choices that need to be made,” reports Kim Stephens, Executive Director of the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia.

“These choices encompass life-cycle cost and level-of-service. The two are interconnected. The Comox Valley is leading the way in demonstrating what can be accomplished through a regional team approach. Four local governments and the Comox Valley Land Trust are striving to work across boundaries; and walk the talk in applying the ‘4Cs’ – that is, communicate, cooperate, coordinate and collaborate.”

To learn more, click on 2011Comox Valley Seminar Series is a Springboard to Vancouver Island EconomicSummit to download a report-style PDF document version of the complete story posted on the Water Bucket website.
News Release #2011-29
June 16, 2011

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