Province approves Metro Vancouver’s visionary plan for Integrated Liquid Waste & Resource Management

Two years in the making, the Integrated Liquid Waste & Resource Management Plan establishes the framework for moving beyond regulatory compliance to transitioning Metro Vancouver to an approach that achieves the Sustainable Region Vision.
“The region’s integrated plan provides municipalities with clear direction for implementing green infrastructure – for example, Action #1.1.20 commits us to updating our bylaws to require on-site rainwater management. By achieving a lighter water footprint, we can protect stream health; and we can adapt to climate change,” reports the District of North Vancouver’s Richard Boase. He is Co-Chair of the Water Balance Model Partnership.
Richard Boase, WBM Co-Chair
“Action #1.1.20 is now the regulatory driver for the Water Balance Model. So, it is timely that Version 2.0 is currently in beta-testing mode. We will go live in a matter of weeks. This scenario comparison tool is used to assess the effectiveness of green infrastructure.”
To learn more, first click on Province approves Metro Vancouver’s visionary plan and then click on Rollout Plan for Re-built Water Balance Model to read two supporting stories posted on the Water Bucket website.

Advisory Role of the Reference Panel: Appointed by the Metro Vancouver Board in April 2008, the advisory Liquid Waste Management Plan Reference Panel played a key role in informing and educating members of the Board through interaction with two regional committees. The Reference Panel produced A Recommended Policy Framework for Liquid Resource Management in Metro Vancouver.

News Release #2011-26
June 7, 2011

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