Comox Valley Local Governments Showcase “A Regional Response to Infrastructure Liability”

Comox Valley Regional Growth Strategy Provides a Framework for Aligning Efforts
Local governments in British Columbia are faced with this challenge: the initial capital cost of infrastructure is about 20% of the life-cycle cost; the other 80% largely represents a future unfunded liability. 

The unfunded ‘infrastructure liability’ is a driver for local governments to consider longevity, focus on what happens after developers hand-off municipal infrastructure, get it right at the front-end, and prepare for the future.

The CAVI-Comox Valley Regional Team is setting the stage for A Regional Response to ‘Infrastructure Liability’. During April-May-June, a 3-part seminar series will provide a forum for shared learning. The target audience is land use and infrastructure professionals in the local government and development sectors. To learn more about the Series, click here.

“The Comox Valley Regional Growth Strategy and Comox Valley Sustainability Strategy together provide a starting point  for making better long-term decisions. The  CAVI-Comox Valley Regional Team is developing an infrastructure evaluation tool that will be introduced, refined and finalized over the course of the 3-part seminar series,” states Mike Zbarsky, Manager of Transit and Sustainability with the Comox Valley Regional District.

Seminar #1 in the 2011 Series will be hosted by the Town of Comox on April 14th. To register, click here. Space is limited. Registration will be capped at 45. The registration fee is $25 plus HST.
Comox Valley Update #2011-03
March 31, 2011

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