Integrated Rainwater Management: “Municipalities Can Achieve More With Less”

ISMP Course Correction: Capital Region’s Bowker Creek Blueprint informs Metro Vancouver Initiative

A decade ago, local governments were venturing into uncharted waters when undertaking ISMPs, the acronym for Integrated Stormwater Management Plans. Now, the experience of the Bowker Creek Initiative (in the Capital Region) serves as a guide for the “ISMP Course Correction” in the Metro Vancouver region.
“The elephant in the room is always money.   Municipalities have lots of competing interests for spending money; lots of projects to keep staff busy; and finite financial resources. We are all challenged to do more with less and get it done,” stated Anne Topp, District of Saanich Manager of Community Planning, at the 2010 Bowker Creek Forum.
“We all have heard the quote ‘if you don’t know where you are going, it doesn’t matter what road you take’. With completion of the Blueprint, the Bowker Creek Initiative knows where it wants to go. Integrating with and using other plans to advance the Blueprint will be ongoing.”
“The 100-year Action Plan gives us time.  This plan is not just about water.  It is about how this community wants to live and connect to the environment. We don’t have to do the $20 million, $40 million ISMP approach. Keeping the pieces small and creating bite-sized pieces should allow the slow and steady approach.” 

At the 2011 Water Balance Model Partners Forum in April, the spotlight will be on the ISMP Course Correction. To learn more, click on Integrated Rainwater Management: Municipalities Can Achieve More With Less.

News Release #2011-14
March 29, 2011

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