City of Surrey hosts Water Balance Model Learning Sessions: Community of Users Inform Platform Conversion

A Key Stakeholder Group: Engineering Consultants that are Paying Subscribers

The Water Balance Model Partnership has three categories of model users, each with a different degree of access to the various features of the Water Balance Model powered by QUALHYMO:
  • Project Partners – local governments
  • Paying Subscribers – engineering consultants
  • General Users – anyone with Internet access
On March 24, the Water Balance Model Partnership is bringing together its community of paying subscribers. The City of Surrey is hosting two learning sessions in a computer lab setting.
“We are responding to requests from the engineering community to learn from our Engineering Applications Authority (Jim Dumont),” reports Ted van der Gulik, Chair of the Water Balance Model Partnership. “These sessions will also provide us with a valuable feedback loop on the user experience. The insights that we gain from our paying subscribers on March 24 will inform the Partners Forum two weeks later on April 7.”
The user experience is important because we are converting the web interface for the Water Balance Model powered by QUALYMO to a new platform. The new platform will achieve a number of objectives. In particular, it will expedite completion of the Water Balance Model Express for Homeowners. Furthermore, the Express version will open the door to a range of audiences and educational opportunities that go well beyond homeowners.”
News Release #2011-12
March 21, 2011

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