Story #4 in the ISMP Course Correction Series: Move to a Levels-of-Protection Approach to Sustainable Service Delivery

Need for  Local Governments to be Nimble, Collaborative and Integrated
The first three installments in the 5-part series established the context for embracing a ‘regional team approach’ and making the change to IRMP (Integrated Rainwater Management Plan) from ISMP. Now, the spotlight shifts to Asset Management as a pathway to re-focus on stream health and desired watershed outcomes.
The 4th instalment introduces the ‘infrastructure deficit’ as a driver for the ‘ISMP course correction’, connects the dots to the Green Communities Initiative, views the Levels-of-Service concept through the land use planning and environmental lenses, and provides three examples to illustrate how local government leaders are moving forward with Sustainable Service Delivery.  
News Release #2010-47
December 7, 2010

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