Water Sustainability Action Plan funders laud value of Water Bucket Website

Google Analytics measures success of website in reaching target audiences
The Water Bucket Website Partnership reports a 45% increase in user visits after two years of Google Analytics monitoring.  The rolling 6-month average exceeds 4000 visits per month.
“We attribute this large jump to the cumulative enhancements that the partnership has been systematically implementing over the past two years. These enhancements encompass both technology fixes and content evolution,” states Mike Tanner, Chair.
“In Beyond the Guidebook 2010, the Water Bucket and the Water Balance Model are described as the twin engines driving an outreach and continuing education program, one that is fully integrated under the umbrella of the Water Sustainability Action Plan. The Water Bucket – Water Balance Model synergy is underscored by the Google Analytics data for Water Bucket communities-of-interest.”
News Release #2010-28
July 27, 2010

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