Rivers & Streams

    River Forecast Centre

    The River Forecast Centre (RFC) collects and interprets snow, meteorological and streamflow data to provide warnings and forecasts of stream and lake runoff conditions around the province.

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    Snow Survey Bulletin

    The June 15th snow survey is now complete. Data from 5 snow courses and 57 snow pillows around the province have been used to form the basis for the following reports. This is final Snow Survey Bulletin for the 2005/06 snow season.

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    Assessing the value of natural capital in the Lower Fraser Valley

    The term 'natural capital' refers to a region’s natural, environmental, and ecosystem resources, and land. It is capital because it contributes goods and services necessary for environmental and economic health. In addition to some of the more obvious benefits of environmental conservation such as habitat preservation, flood control, and ensuring water quality, there are significant financial benefits. Assigning a monetary value to our natural resources creates another motivation for environmental preservation and restoration.

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