Total Water Management: Practices for a Sustainable Future

    Total Water Management: Practices for a Sustainable Future, by Neil Grigg – cover (125p)
    This book serves as an instruction manual for integrating the water needs of society and the environment. It is about the balance between our responsibilities to provide safe and reliable water services and to protect the environment.

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    From Rain to Resource: Managing Stormwater in a Changing Climate Workshop and Tradeshow

    Effective rainwater management is a critical tool for adaptation to climate change – a leading policy concern in British Columbia. The goal of this workshop is to share positive and innovative developments in rainwater management and to discuss how barriers to change are being overcome in communities in B.C. and beyond. The overall objective is to move municipal governments beyond conventional stormwater management, and inspire them to use rainwater as an integrated resource.

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    GE Summit Tackles Global Water Challenge

    Water resources, even in developed nations like the United States, are being threatened by climate change, drought, population growth, waste and the growing demand for energy, which requires enormous amounts of water.

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    Google Brings Water Data to Life

    Google Labs launched Fusion Tables, a powerful new online research and data organizing tool that makes it much easier to share and navigate the world’s digital science and technical archives.

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    Water Experts Call for Federal Support for Canada

    The week of June 5-14, 2009 has been designated Boundary Waters Week to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Boundary Waters Treaty. On this occasion, the Forum for Leadership on Water (FLOW) is calling for the federal government to invest in Canadian water security by providing greater support to the International Joint Commission.

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