North Shore Rain Garden Joanna Ashworth

    LIVING WATER SMART IN BRITISH COLUMBIA: “Everyone has a role to play in advancing Green Infrastructure implementation as we collectively travel along a path to find upstream, proactive solutions to climate change impacts and growing urban centres,” stated Dr. Joanna Ashworth, co-developer of the self-directed online course on Green Infrastructure Policy, Design and Practice launched by Simon Fraser University in 2021

    Joanna Ashworth has a vision that a region-wide rain garden program would build connections between and among neighbours, citizens, community organizations, schools, and local governments. “Every significant innovation results from a magical combination of timing, preparation and luck. So true for the creation of a new online course on Green Infrastructure, or GI, at Simon Fraser University. The course is designed to meet the learning needs of the various professional disciplines who have the power to influence the integration of GI systems into city and regional infrastructure,” stated Joanna Asheworth.

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