lunar cycle

    INTERWEAVING WESTERN SCIENCE AND INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE: “The moon needs to be added to the hydrologic cycle! Fixing this flaw would make Western science even better by using the expertise that Indigenous people have in their science,” stated Michael Blackstock, Indigenous Independent Scholar and creator of Blue Ecology, when connecting dots to Brian McNoldy’s correlation of lunar cycles and coastal flooding

    “Exceptionally high tides are common when the moon is closest to the Earth. But something else is going on with the way the moon orbits the Earth that people should be aware of. It’s called the lunar nodal cycle, and it’s presently hiding a looming risk that can’t be ignored. Once we reach the bottom of the cycle around 2025 and start the upward phase, the lunar nodal cycle begins to contribute more and more to the perceived rate of sea level rise,” stated Brian McNoldy.

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