Water-Centric Planning

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SHaRP at 10: Successes and challenges

For ten great years, Surrey young people have had the chance to get knee-deep in stewardship efforts for their waterways. The City of Surrey started the Salmon Habitat Restoration Program (SHaRP) in 1996, employing students to work in enhancement and community education during the summer.

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Sharing estuary parasite data

As a food source for other animals and as water filterers, shrimp are vital to estuary health. Dr. John Chapman and his colleagues are seeing a population explosion of a parasite which infests the shrimp. They suspect the parasite has been introduced in bilgewater from Asian freighters.

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B.C. Wildlife Federation Wetland Education Program

Sooke's Glenairley Centre for Earth and Spirit wanted to create an organic vegetable garden on the land it leases from the Sisters of St. Ann. But in recent years, there has been a severe water shortage on southern Vancouver Island. The solution? BC Wildlife Federation's Wetlands Institute event built them a wetland in just six days.

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Beating back invasive plant species

Sometimes a plant from another ecosystem finds just what it needs in your area. As it flourishes and spreads, it can crowd out native plants. To humans, one green thing may seem as good as the next, but a caterpillar or chickadee may have food or habitat needs that only native plants can supply.

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Fourth annual Oceans Day

Oceans Day is aimed at increasing awareness of our oceans and their vital role in support of life on earth. It’s also an opportunity to teach people about marine life, encourage safe boating practices, and have some fun.

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Did he know what he was setting in motion? Mark Angelo started BC Rivers Day in 1980. Twenty-five years later, it’s gone global, with the announcement last June of World Rivers Day (WRD).

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Toxic spill hits Cheakamus River

Work has begun to try to restore salmon stocks in the Cheakamus River after damage resulting from a large spill of caustic soda. The spill occurred on August 5, 2005 when a CN train derailed 30 km north of Squamish and the contents of a rail car entered the river.

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Establishing service levels

It's argued that, “The goal of strategic asset management is to achieve service-level targets within defined cost and risk constraints.”

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