Water Governance

California’s Oranges and BC’s Apples? – Lessons for BC from California Groundwater Reform

“California is now facing a historic drought and the consequences of decades of lacklustre follow-through on groundwater management. BC could be in a multi-year drought like California. However, BC does not have to follow this same path. It can learn from the best examples of California‚Äôs new regime and, by employing a precautionary and proactive approach, can avoid the situation that California is currently facing,” says Randy Christensen.

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Living Water Policy Project website launched

“The site allows users to review summaries of water policy documents for each province, compare water policies in different provinces, and receive updates as water policy changes across Canada,” states Liz Hendriks.

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Australia Highlights Lack Of Water Governance In Canada

“The Australians see a business opportunity in Canada, in large part because they perceive that Canada lags behind Australia in developing technology and products to address the dependent relationship between energy, water and food. As the Australians see it, Canada is an emerging market for them,” comments Kim Stephens,

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