Understanding Water Resources

Climate Change and Risk Management: A Practitioner’s Perspective

Robert Hicks
Return periods are common in regulations and in 'standard engineering practice'. However, using return periods without considering their response to climate variability and climate change could result in poor long-term decision making and prevent proactive adaptation if not put into the context of climate change.

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Climate Change Implications for Rainwater Conveyance Infrastructure

Robert Miller – UBC Civil Engineering professor
Short sharp bursts of rain are increasing in both frequency and intensity acccording to researchers at the University of British Columbia. The controversial research, originally done for a 2001 master's thesis, was published in the Journal of the American Water Resources Association.

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Program on Water Governance Established at the University of British Columbia

Led by Karen Bakker, the program aims to connect water researchers with those active on water policy. The program conducts basic research on water management, engages the wider community in outreach and education on water issues, and facilitates dialogue on water governance between universities, communities, government, NGOs and the private sector.

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Rough Weather Ahead: How Global Warming Will Hit British Columbia

Award-wiinning science journalist Chris Wood has written a series of articles on how global warming will affect British Columbia and what we can do about it. Commissioned by The Tyee,and funded by the Tyee's Fellowship Funds for Investigative and Solutions-oriented Reporting, the articles were published weekly in August 2006.

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Water – Choosing Sustainability for Life & Livelihoods

The issue of how to accommodate a doubling of the population in the high growth regions of British Columbia is the driver for implementing changes in the way we develop land and use water. Conversations with elected officials are yielding insights that are shaping implementation of Convening for Action pilot programs in three regions of British Columbia, namely: the Okanagan, Vancouver Island and Greater Vancouver.

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River Forecast Centre

The River Forecast Centre (RFC) collects and interprets snow, meteorological and streamflow data to provide warnings and forecasts of stream and lake runoff conditions around the province.

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