Did he know what he was setting in motion? Mark Angelo started BC Rivers Day in 1980. Twenty-five years later, it’s gone global, with the announcement last June of World Rivers Day (WRD).

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Toxic spill hits Cheakamus River

Work has begun to try to restore salmon stocks in the Cheakamus River after damage resulting from a large spill of caustic soda. The spill occurred on August 5, 2005 when a CN train derailed 30 km north of Squamish and the contents of a rail car entered the river.

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Establishing service levels

It's argued that, “The goal of strategic asset management is to achieve service-level targets within defined cost and risk constraints.”

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Building a successful workforce diversity program

The author states that, “From a melting pot to a salad bowl, there are many ways to describe the diversity of people that make up any large North American city. In a diverse urban workplace, different types of people can go beyond merely coexisting and, through their diversity, create exciting work environments.”

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Public affairs as a strategic management function

Most water utility managers don’t classify public outreach as an integral part of utility management. But, that’s an “unfortunate attitude because experience clearly demonstrates the value of devoting public outreach resources on major issues and projects early on instead of after the fact.”

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