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RESTORATION OF ARIZONA’S SANTA CRUZ WATERSHED: “We should rejoice alongside the Tohono O’Odham Nation and work with it to restore flow to our rivers and quicken our pace towards a more resilient future,” wrote Lisa Shipek, Executive Director of the Tuscon-based Watershed Management Group non-profit organization

“Our rivers are being reborn after a century of decline. This is a defining moment for all the communities that live in our Santa Cruz Watershed. It’s not just the Santa Cruz that is being reborn. I have good news to share from other parts of our watershed. The nonprofit I direct, Watershed Management Group, has been monitoring creek flows across the Tucson basin since 2017,” stated Lisa Shipek. “Having flow in the Santa Cruz River downtown provides a daily visual of what a desert river looks like, which will help open the hearts and minds of the greater community to what is possible.”

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Characterizing Stormwater Quality: A Fool’s Errand?

Stomwater Treatment by Dr. Gary Minton – cover (120p)
How accurate can community-wide models be when we tend to use the same runoff concentrations for each type of land use, despite the awareness that concentrations appear to differ within the apparently same land use type?

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Focus on Water – Part of Future Forest Management

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According to a new federal report by the Untited States National Research Council titled “Hydrologic Effects of a Changing Forest Landscape,” forest management in the future may be as much to achieve a sustainable supply of clean water as it is for any other goal. Forest management will not increase water supplies, but it can help sustain water supplies and water quality.

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Water Words That Work

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department video “Texas The State of Springs” explores some tough controversies by letting both sides have their say. So who won? Watch and find out.

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